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Northeast Missouri Library Service

Internet Policies and Procedures

Internet Policies for North East Missouri Library Service

Internet Policies and Procedures

The Northeast Missouri Library Service provides public access to the internet free of charge, except for printing costs.  In order to use this resource the user must agree to the following:

1.  I will respect the time limits.
2.  I will respect the privacy of others.
3.  I will use the computer equipment responsibly, ask for help when I need it, and not change software.
4.  I will not represent myself as another person while accessing the internet.
5.  I will not install software or programs on library computers; in addition I will download files to diskettes not to the computer's hard drive.
6.  I agree to use appropriate language on the internet and refrain from personal attacks on people who have opinions that differ from mine.
7.  I will honor the copyright law by avoiding illegal or unauthorized activity, including downloading software illegally.
8.  For my own safety I will avoid posting my home telephone number and address.
9.  I will be responsible for any hardware or software damage I cause.
10.  I will be responsible for any cost incurred as a result of internet activities.

There will be a form to sign at your library to sign, agreeing to those rules and the following:

You recognize that the use of the library computers and the internet is a privilege and can be revoked if any of the above agreement is broken.

You also recognize that the internet is unregulated and cannot be regulated.  You agree to instruct your minor/dependent child in the standards for acceptable use of the internet.  If there are areas or resources that you do not wish for your child to access, you will outline those areas for your child and hold him/her responsible for upholding the standards that you set.

You will not expect the library staff to supervise, limit, censor, or regulate your child beyond the scope of the rules listed above.  You will be responsible for any hardware or software damage caused by your child in the course of using the library's equipment.

Please speak to the library staff prior to using the computers for the form and sign in sheet.

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